Your Lifestyle Is Your Medicine

Episode 9: Use the environment as medicine with Scott Carney

October 14, 2022 Ed Paget Season 1 Episode 9
Your Lifestyle Is Your Medicine
Episode 9: Use the environment as medicine with Scott Carney
Show Notes

Thousands of years of exposure to the natural environment have molded the way our bodies adapt and respond to stress.

With the advances in modern technology, we rarely need to challenge ourselves physically. This means most of us have no idea of what we are truly capable of.

The feats of endurance that our ancestors took for granted now seem impossible in an age where comfort is literally handed to us on a plate. But the consequence of the easy life is an increase in sickness, weakness, and fragility.

So, what can we do to be like our ancestors and build more resilience? You see, resilience is the answer to functioning and recovering when faced with illness, accidents, or other physical demands.
Resilience gives people the psychological strength to cope with stress and hardship. It is the mental reservoir of power that people can call on in times of need to carry them through without falling apart. Psychologists believe resilient individuals can better handle adversity and rebuild their lives after a struggle. 

In today's episode, New York Times bestselling author and anthropologist Scott Carney shares how giving yourself just the right amount of ‘uncomfortable’ can help you discover just how powerful you really are and deliver enormous benefits to your self-confidence, strength, health, and stress resilience. His books, ‘What Doesn't Kill Us’ and ‘The Wedge’ make a case for how environmental training and exposure are as fundamental to human health as diet and exercise. Through his research, he discovered that he could become one with the environment by adding sensation variability to his own life and ultimately accomplish amazing things. He was the first journalist to write about Wim Hof, and by trying to debunk him, he ended up climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in record time wearing little clothing. 

We also talk about stimulus and response, how to put ourselves into a highly effective flow state, fight, and flight chemistry, and how to rewire your mind and body for maximum results. Through personal experimentation, Scott explored ways of changing his external environment to control his body’s physiology (internal environment). Through cold exposure, heat exposure, oxygen deprivation, kettlebells training, and Ayahuasca (to name but a few), he showed how he could take conscious control of seemingly unconscious bodily processes.

Join us to learn to change your physiology without needing pills or surgery.

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